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Welcome to Budget Vehicle Recovery LLC.

If you are looking for result-driven performance and aggressive asset retrieval; we are here to serve you!

We are an asset recovery firm that offers a total package of professional services under one roof. We never sub-contract our work to other agencies. All work is done in-house using state-of-the-art equipment to safely & effectively secure your collateral.

We have excellent skip-tracing resources & an excellent working relationship with law enforcement agencies in several jurisdictions throughout Georgia. Our people are fully bonded & adhere to all applicable state laws. We are relentless in our efforts to secure your collateral & are constantly re-working your "tough files" & "hard targets" while maintaining timely & informative updates regarding our progress.

With over seven trucks on the road & a fully staffed office, we know we can meet & exceed your expectations.

 o We have an outstanding team of professional, customer service oriented administrators and staff that put you, our clients, first.


 o We have a team of recovery agents that also are committed to unrelenting professionalism, service, and feedback. They are trained in the laws of repossession and the proper use of recovery equipment.


 o We have state-of- the-art software that easily executes and tracks all of the standard and critical details which recovery work orders entail and our customers demand.


 o We are technology driven, but not technology constricted. We can tailor our communication and tracking to fit your needs, and will communicate in the ways most responsive and preferred by you, our customers.


o Our entire team is committed to delivering outstanding customer service, investigative perseverance, and overall results in a timely manner in a way that meets the individual needs of our customers.

These principles guide us in everything we do with our own team, our customers, and all those with whom we serve, partner or do business.







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