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At Budget Vehicle Recovery, we offer the finest in asset recovery services. As our repossession standards have fast set the tone for the entire repossession industry, more and more lenders now use Budget Vehicle Recovery for fast, effective return of their assets.

We offer asset recovery services throughout Georgia. We offer fast repossessions: we can locate and repossess your toughest skip. At Budget Vehicle Recovery, we will not charge you if your vehicle is not recovered, so you have nothing to lose

We offer 20-days free storage to all of our clients. Your personal property is something that we take very seriously. Upon every reposession, we file a detailed condition report along with photos.

All personal property is stored in a secure location.

During the course of all reposessions, detailed updates are provided. We also offer transportation to auctions and we are able to make duplicate keys upon request.

You will have the assurance of our entire staff that all accounts will be serviced in the most economical manner possible and if a problem should arise, it will be dealt with immediately in an effort to eliminate unnecessary dilemmas. Our company prides itself on the ability to service accounts in a professional manner and complete all assignments to the satisfaction of our valued and appreciated clients.


Banks and Loan Companies

Auto Finance Companies

New and Used Vehicle Dealerships

Recreational Vehicles Dealerships

Car Rental Agencies

Equipment Leasing and Rental Services Companies

Credit Unions

Being a small company, we operate in a streamlined and efficient manner. We don't have high overhead or a lot of "fluff" in our operation. We maintain low operating expenses and pass the savings on to you!

We have a list of references available upon request. Call or email us for more information.

If you should have questions concerning our services, please do not hesitate in contacting one of our representatives at (770) 516-7373

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